Standard booths are equipped with either swinging or sliding doors.

Sliding Door Models - These units cannot be modified and sliding doors are only available in one style.

Swing Door Models - Multiple options are available.

  • Substitute Sliding Door - A sliding door can replace the swing door for a nominal upcharge.
  • Add Swing Door - Larger models can often accommodate an additional door.
  • Swing Door Options - Swing doors are available in a number of styles.
  • Swing Door Accessories - Certain swing doors can be outfitted with louvers, upgraded locksets, and hydraulic closers.

Standard Swing Door

Standard swing doors are 20-gauge steel, 1-3/4" thick with threshold and 2' x 2' window.

  • Window is glazed with minimum 1/4" clear tempered safety glass
  • Hardware to include 1 1/2" pair of 4-1/2" by 4-1/2" butt hinges: commercial quality, key-in-knob lockset and spring closer
  • Aluminum frame with continuous vinyl gasket
  Swing Door

Standard Sliding Door

Sliding door models feature painted white, aluminum, weather-stripped, and lockable sliding doors. The upper portion is glazed with minimum 3/16" clear tempered safety glass and lower portion has solid panel with matching interior and exterior surfaces.

  • Aluminum door with an aluminum frame
  • Bottom surface panels are fiberglass reinforced plastic (FRP)
  Sliding door


Swing Door Options

Additional door options are available including:

  • Architectural Storefront Aluminum Swing Doors
  • Flush In Partition Full Steel Doors
  • Full Glass Doors

Swing Door Accessories

Swing doors come standard with a lever lock and spring closure. An optional lever lock set with hydraulic closer for the swing door is also available. Door louvers can also be added to certain door styles.