Guard booths can be equipped with one of two types of flooring: aluminum treadplate or vinyl tile.

  • Aluminum Treadplate - Standard on all buildings up to four feet (4') wide.
  • Vinyl Tile - Buildings larger than four feet (4') wide come standard with vinyl tile floor.
  • Custom Flooring Materials - Consult factory.


Aluminum Treadplate

This option is used as a solid flooring piece in smaller booths. The treadplate design makes this flooring slip resistant which is especially important in smaller booths where floor mats are hard to fit.

The aluminum is durable, rust resistant, and will stand up to the elements well.

  aluminum booth flooring

Vinyl Flooring

For booths larger than four feet (4') wide, vinyl flooring comes standard. This durable, yet cost effective flooring system is suited for rugged applications and complements the three standard panel colors extremely well.


  vinyl booth flooring

Optional Conduit Access Cutout

Factory fabricated openings can be added to the floor to allow for electrical data or other utility integration.