Standard Horizontal Sliding Windows

The standard windows in all booths are horizontal sliding windows made of clear tempered safety glass. Windows are placed 50" from the exterior base of the booth and 44" from the interior floor.

Optional Screens - Sliding windows can also have fixed window screens attached.

  sliding booth windows

Window Options:

Optional Fixed Windows

Non-sliding windows are available in a wide variety of glazing options. These windows are similar in size and placement to the standard horizontal windows.

  fixed windows

Optional Wall Panels

A solid wall panel can be substituted for a panel with window in virtually any booth.

  solid panels

Optional Ticket Windows

Ticket windows feature a hole so that customers can speak to the booth attendant as well as an opening at the base to pass money and tickets through the window.

Multiple ticket windows can be added to almost any booth.

  guard shack windows

Optional Window Location

Standard booth windows are at counter top height level. By lowering the window panel to 32" from the floor, the windows are at more of a typical desk height level.

  guard shacks

Glazing Options

Standard windows are glazed with minimum 1/8" clear tempered safety glass. Glazing options include:

  • Tinted Safety Glass (1/8")
  • Clear Acrylic Glazing (1/8")
  • Tinted Acrylic Glazing (1/4")
  • Clear Insulated Glass (1/2")
  • Tinted Insulated Glass (1/2")
  • Clear Polycarbonate Glazing (1/4")
  • Tinted Polycarbonate Glazing (1/4")

If additional glass finishes or materials are desired, please contact us directly for an estimate.