Electrical Systems

Electrical Circuit Box

Electrical service includes a single-phase 100-amp capacity load center with 70-amp main and 3 circuit breakers. All conduit and wiring shall be surface mounted and installed in compliance with the National Electrical Code. Conduit is 1/2" rigid and wire is no. 12. All electrical components shall bear the UL label.

Booths can be upgraded to include a 200-amp circuit box.

Electrical Outlets

Booths are outfitted with 110-volt 15-amp duplex outlets, 220-volt 20-amp single outlet and 15-amp switches as shown on drawings.

In addition to these standard features, a variety of electrical options can be added to you booth, including:

  • 200 amp circuit box
  • Extra 100 outlet
  • Extra 220 outlet
  • GFI outlets
  • Empty conduit runs

electrical system layout