Climate Control

While booths do not come standard with any climate control options, we offer a variety of HVAC units, air conditioners, and baseboard heaters that can integrated into your booth. Pricing includes the preparation of framed cutout to the specifications of the unit chosen or you can request a framed cutout and install your own unit.

HVAC Units
HVAC handle both heating and cooling of the booth. Each unit is custom fit to the booth with a framed wall cutout and ships with the booth so it can be installed and running immediately. A variety of sizes are available to accommodate different sized booths.

  • Wall Mount HVAC Unit - 11,600 Cool/11,400 Heat - 230V

  • Wall Mount HVAC Unit - 17,800 Cool/13,000 Heat - 230V

  • Wall Mount HVAC Unit - 24,600 Cool/17,300 Heat - 230V

 booth heating and cooling


AC Unit

AC Only Options
In areas where only cooling is needed, air conditioning only units provide a cost effective alternative to HVAC units. Numerous standard sizes are available.

  • Air Conditioner Unit 8,000 BTU - 115V
  • Air Conditioner Unit 11,600 BTU - 230V
  • Air Conditioner Unit 15,000 BTU - 230V




Baseboard Heaters

Baseboard heaters can be installed into booths when only heating is needed.




baseboard heater


Framed Cutouts

All booths shipped with HVAC or AC units come with a framed wall cutout configured to the specific unit ordered.

Framed wall cutouts can also be purchased separately for those that want to install their own system.




guard shacks