Options and Accessories

online pricing for guard booth shackWith a wide variety of standard options, booths can be tailored to your specific needs.

The following items can be customized in every standard booth.



Options Available

Framework Colors and finishes
Walls & Ceilings Panel insulation, colors and finishes
Flooring Aluminum or vinyl flooring
Doors Sliding, swinging, steel, storefront and additional doors
Windows Sliding, fixed, ticket windows, glazing, tinting, insulation
Roofs Standard integral, KD roof or tapered roofs
Shelves & Drawers Storage or cash drawers and transactional drawers
Electrical Larger circuit boxes, additional outlets, GFIs and switches
Lighting Additional lighting, exterior lighting
HVAC Baseboard heaters, exhaust fans, AC units, HVAC units and unit cut outs.
Portability Forklift pockets and lifting rings
Accessories Exterior shelving, intercom systems, trash cans, cigarette urns, spotlights, extra height, and downspouts.

These standard options and accessories can be added to any booth, however, we can outfit booths with almost any accessories to meet your needs. Please contact us for a custom quote to specify additional options and accessories you need on your booth.