Roof Options

Preassembled guard booths can be customized with roof options.


Standard Integral Roof System

A factory installed integral roof consisting of 5/8" plywood with vapor barrier on the exterior surface.

  • 3" overhang
  • Aluminum gutters around entire building perimeter with pre-drilled hole for drainage
  • Optional downspouts
  • Buildings larger than 4 feet by 8 feet receive two layers of 5/8" plywood
  booth roofs

Knockdown (K-D) Roof System

Exterior waterproof roof shipped for assembly and installation on site by others.

  • Maximum 24" overhang without support
  • Larger overhangs possible with support columns
  • Perimeter to be extruded aluminum fascia and gutter trim
  • Decking to be standing seam formed, pre-finished white aluminum nominal 12" wide panel, .028" thick
  • Roofs with overhangs larger than 12" include reinforcing angles
  Guard Booth with Overhanging Roof

Non-Standard Tapered Roofs

Tapered roofs can also be applied to booths. Call factory for more information.

  • Will slope at 1/8" per foot maximum
  • Includes insulated roof with a taper
  • Roof will be installed at the factory

Gutters and Downspouts

All roofs include aluminum gutters around the entire perimeter. Gutters feature prefabricated holes, but can be outfitted with optional downspouts.